National Pastoral Care Week- Meet Bronson!

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October 21st-27th is National Pastoral Care Week and we are highlighting our incredible Hospice Chaplain Bronson.

Bronson has been the Butte Hospice Chaplain for the last 20 years. He began his Pastoral Care journey in 1985 in the First Baptist Church of Chico. He is currently in his 33rd year of spiritual care since graduating from Seminary. He has known he wanted to go into pastoral care since he was a teenager when he became a follower of the teaching of Jesus. He’s had a longing in his spirit to promote the spiritual growth of others. His academic interests promoted an interest in the history of the spiritual quest of all humanity to find life, love and significance. 

He enjoys listening to the stories of people’s lives and seeks to share the ways in which they can spiritually connect. At the end of life he offers the consolation and promises of God which are freely offered through love, forgiveness, renewed relationships and a hope for life which is never ending. Bronson adds “I am constantly surprised and honored to be able to participate in providing counsel and spiritual care to families with whom I only become acquainted during these momentous times.”

Thank you Bronson for everything you do to support our Hospice patients and their families in such an important time. We value your commitment to Butte Hospice!