Health Care Links

Janet Levy (Passages) Center
Provides useful resources and links for Seniors in Butte County and Northern California.

Community Care Options
Resources and referrals for Seniors in Butte County and Northern California.

The National Alzheimer's Association
Founded in 1980, the Alzheimer's Association has over 200 chapters dedicated to research, education, and support for patients and their caregivers.

Alzheimer's Association of Northern California
Local events and information from the local chapter of the Alzheimer's Association.

Alzheimer's Disease Education and Referral (ADEAR) Center
Established by the National Institute on Aging, ADEAR staff respond to requests for information on any aspect of Alzheimer's including research updates and study cites, reading recommendations, and resources for coping.

National Center on Elder Abuse
This center offers fact sheets, state elder abuse reporting laws and contact numbers, publications, and research references.

Alzheimer's Disease International (ADI)
ADI includes 57 worldwide Alzheimer's Associations that offer support and information to patients and families. ADI encourages research, supports an annual international conference, and disseminates information.

AIDS/HIV Education provides education, resources, and testing information for HIV and AIDS.

Hospice Education Sites

The National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization
Founded in 1978, the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization is the oldest and largest nonprofit public benefit organization devoted exclusively to hospice care. NHPCO is dedicated to promoting and maintaining quality care for terminally ill patients and their families.

American Hospice Association